Vellela is a newly created but trusted food service and distributions companies in Brazil.A pioneer in the field.We are well known over South America and other continents as because of our reputation of providing quality products at the domestic trade whilst looking for better avenues to scale in the international market.We are strongly supportive and assist our clients in all spheres throughout our sale thus promoting better relationships to leverage between our ready-to-listen staff and clients. As of present moment , we do work with sole distribution companies in Brazil and with many new brands of product line.
Vellela Co Ltd , has gone a long way to earn a high reputation in the marketing domain and among
major competitors , because of our outstanding supply chain for the innumerable products we trade.
We provide high efficient customer-centered services to major airline companies , resorts , hotels ,
restaurants and ships. We are obviously, without the slightest iota of doubt,  known as an outstanding figure of hygiene in the Brazilian and Latin American trade unions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue providing client with quality products from
manufacturers and producers at the cheapest rate possible.
Contributing to constructing and developing the national economy and
participating in the comprehensive development of
our World

Our Vision

To work as a part of the State economy within the overall vision of Europe 2030 and above all to
have a global presence and attain leadership in our industry through better understanding of
business dynamics,being market oriented,consider our clientele as partners and serve them with
quality products and services

Why Choose Us

  • We give our customers the best as we work together with producers
    and manufacturers
  • We know that finding quality service is very expensive but we do our best
    to provide our customers and client with the best services .
  • We always strive to provide the best service to our client .
    that is why we train our staff .
  • We are very patient with our client , to understand their problem
    and solve them accordingly.
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