Velllela is a newly created but trusted food service and distributions companies in Europe.A pioneer in the field.We are well known over Europe and other continents as because of our reputation of providing quality products to the market.We are strongly support and assist our customers in all their activities with us .

we are good supplier of many numerous products.
we provide service to major airline companies , resorts , hotels ,
restaurants and ships. we also well known for our international hygiene control regulations.

Our mission is to continue providing client with quality products from
manufacturers and producers at the cheapest rate possible.
Contributing to constructing and developing the national economy and
participating in the comprehensive development of
our World

Client Testimonials

Jones Stephens
I was so happy when i was purchasing from Vellela, their customer support and team members where very disponible to help me at all time.
Elvid Jenna
Awesome service, such a grate customer support and very good prices for product. Thanks once more.

What Our Partners Say

“The art of business consulting.”

“The most trusted partner.”

“Always one step ahead.”

“Perfection in everything.”

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